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The Beast

Dear Bollywood

Today is the day. No, not the day I take on a 15 hour flight. Not yet the day I say goodbye. Today is the day I tackle the beast. This so-called beast is blue, large enough to fit me inside and ready to take on India! This beast is otherwise known as my suitcase.

For a few weeks now I have been setting aside what I might want to bring and what I will be leaving behind. This has resulted in a disastrous mess in the entry room of my house and my bedroom. It seriously looks like a tornado went through my room, leaving a sock here and a dress there. So today is the day I go through the rubble.

In these past weeks, as I’ve been setting aside my possessions, it also seems as though I’ve been setting aside my feelings. Deep down I’ve had stirrings of excitement mixed with slight freak-out, but nothing has been exactly strong. I guess this has to do with the fact that until today, until I looked at this suitcase, I didn’t really believe this could be happening. Since my senior year in high school I’ve been looking forward to this trip. This trip had a great part in influencing my decision to come to ‘Cuse. But nothing really seems real until it’s right in front of you.

Now that I know this is really happening, that in only two days I’ll embark on a trip that will change me for the rest of my life, all I can feel is full. No, not full like I just ate some delicious meal, but full of happiness, expectations, fright (but only in the best of ways) and gratitude.

I am so excited to be sharing this experience with eight other students and my fabulous professor. Anthony, Danielle, Gautam, Iris, Kelvin, Luis, Mina, Shauna and Professor Goenka, get excited, and even though I already know you are, get more excited!! Get ready to have the experiences of your lives. Get ready to have a job that won’t require you to ‘work’ a day. And get ready to fill your minds and hearts with memories that you’ll share with everyone you meet in the future for the rest of your lives.

As I sit on top of the beast, zipping it tight, I know I am ready for anything Mumbai throws my way.


An Anxious American Girl ♥


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