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After three full days and nights in Mumbai, I have come to the realization that knowing and seeing are completely different — the latter impacting me more than I had anticipated. Before we landed, I knew it would be crowded, I knew there were extremely poor areas, and I knew the lifestyle many people have here does not come close to what we have back in the U.S. What I did not know is how much all of these sights would get my mind racing.

A couple days ago, while riding in a rickshaw for the first time, my professor (TG) made a great point: India is one for the senses.

  • The continual noises, mostly consisting of horns and screeching brakes, are loud enough to make your ears ring.
  • The sights you see around you make you want to pause and take a deep breath, until you realize that all you’ll be breathing in is a mixture of fumes and garbage.
  • The food gets the taste buds dancing, especially if you don’t mind a little spice in your life. I can highly assure you that there are not many places where you can get fresh coconut water right on the street or chicken fried rice at a school cafeteria.
  • Anything that you’re tempted to touch, you most likely shouldn’t. And trust me, resisting the urge to give those stray dogs attention is a lot harder than you may think!

Getting Internet access has been a struggle and the driving style is organized chaos, to say the least. With the lack of street signs, street lights, and road lines, I wouldn’t make it one mile without getting into an accident. This chaotic driving is something these people have perfected and I’m still trying to figure out how they do it. Even though they honk their horns too much, swerve to avoid pedestrians crossing from every direction, and often come within inches of other vehicles, I feel quite safe when driving with the people here. What a wild ride it’s been so far!

Even though I’ve only been in India for a short while, I’ve already seen or experienced things that we are not used to seeing or experiencing in the United States. I truly live a gifted life and often take the simple things for granted.

I hope you’re just as excited to see what the rest of this trip has in store for us!


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