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It’s officially been two weeks. I hit the point a few days ago where I started getting a little homesick. I’m not homesick in the traditional sense. I’m more just craving America in every way, shape, and form.

At first it was an adventure experimenting with Hindi, but its starting to get tougher and tougher to understand people and for people to understand me. Communicating with auto drivers is nearly impossible. I do know a few select directional phrases, but they often don’t help because I have no idea where I’m going.  About 25% of my meals here consist of food I didn’t order. I usually just suck it up and eat the mistaken order because of how hard it is to switch.

The other day a group of us sat in a circle discussing the first foods we were going to have when we got back. I love Indian food, but there are certain foods that I need in order to maintain sanity. The thing I miss the most is meat.

In America, my diet consists of mainly beef and chicken. There is an abundance of chicken here, but beef is lacking. The only place I have seen some form of beef was at Chili’s, but even then you had to specify that you wanted beef in your burger and the people that ordered it said it didn’t taste like beef at all. As I sit here typing this all I want is a BLT sandwich. I tried ordering one from Subway the first week we were here, but they swapped the bacon with either ham or Canadian bacon. Regardless, it didn’t quench my desire for that crunchy, greasy, fat-riddled meat.

Everything I eat, even things as simple as a PB&J sandwich have a distinct Indian taste. It could be an extra spice or something. But then, a few nights ago, someone had the great idea of heading to Papa John’s in Hiranandani. I ordered a large cheese pizza, and have been chomping on the leftovers for pretty much every meal since. I finally found something in this crazy, amazing city that stops my desire for the comfort and ease of communication that getting back to the U.S. will give me.

I feel like I should clarify something. This post isn’t saying I am ready to go home, or even want to. All I am saying in this post is that I got over the hump that I knew from the start I would hit. Now to get back to reality. Namaste.



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