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Over the course of two weeks in India, I have seen immeasurable sights, ranging from the incredibly grandiose to sights that exemplify the exact opposite. I have written before about the dichotomy of the rich and poor that exists here in Mumbai, but in this post, I wanted to pay particular attention to a certain issue that is rampant in Mumbai: a large stray dog population.

According to “The Welfare of Stray Dogs,” an organization in Mumbai which has dedicated itself to reducing the stray dog population, exposed garbage and slums are the two primary sources for the reason why the stray dog population is so large.

I was actually quite heartened when I did a cursory glance on the Internet for organizations that are dedicated towards helping improve the stray dog population. As an avid animal lover, and dog owner, it breaks my heart to see random dogs walking around the streets with no home, and no indication of help coming to them. I hope something tangible will be reached in order to solve this problem.


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