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Well, today was our last full day at Whistling Woods International Institute. It’s been an exhausting week, but I loved every minute of it. Before I go into more detail, let me first set the scene. Whistling Woods is in the heart of Filmcity, which is basically a huge area with tons and tons of film sets. These sets are incredible, we had the opportunity to tour a few of them today including one stone temple that has been used for a bunch of Bollywood films including one of my favorites, Deewar, starring the great Amitabh Bachchan who actually has a small role in the upcoming “Great Gatsby” film.  As per usual, I’m starting to rant.

Touring WWI, I starting realizing the similarities it has with Newhouse. We constantly walked by students filming projects with equipment they had taken out from a place like the Newhouse Cage. They also have editing suites and studios to build sets and film.

Our days at WWI started out with a yoga class. This was the biggest struggle I’ve encountered in India thus far. I had no idea how inflexible I am. I’m pretty good at the relaxing breathing exercises, but besides that had great difficulty with what I formerly thought was just stretching. I fought through the pain and feel a little better about my yoga abilities than when I started.

Surprisingly, my favorite parts of our WWI week were the two Bollywood dance classes we took. I have never particularly enjoyed dancing, but theses two 2-hour sessions were extremely enjoyable and also served as a great workout. By the end of the sessions, my shirt was soaked in sweat. We learned three dances, and got pretty good at them. The first song we learned was “Dard-E-Disco” from Om Shanti Om. And yes, despite how embarrassing it was, there is video that I’m sure T.G. will post as soon as the Internet allows her to.

We also attended a few more classes including lectures on Indian epics, the business side of Indian cinema, set and costume design, and classical Indian music. These classes were great and were taught by incredible people. The teachers were so intuitive and had great advice for us as not only aspiring filmmakers, but also as human beings.

I really can’t believe we have already been in India for 5 days. Mumbai is amazing; I love everything about it. Even the hour-long drives without AC in the scorching heat are not only bearable, but also fun. We’ve been so busy and met so many interesting people. I can’t wait to see what next week brings as I start my internship with Red Chillies Entertainment. More to come soon, but for now Namaste.


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