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In a couple days from now, I will be on the longest flight I have ever taken, en route to a country nothing like I have ever seen before, and I could not be more excited (and anxious).

New adventures and experiences are kind of my thing, so when I heard about this opportunity to travel to Mumbai for a month, I knew I could not pass it up. In addition, Syracuse University is the only university to offer an abroad program like this.

Trips growing up consisted of spending a week at a cottage in Rhode Island or a trip to Florida, but we have never stepped foot out of the country together. Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade those vacations for anything, but going to India is a trip of a lifetime. It’s not your typical vacation and it’s exactly what I need at this stage of my life. I get to be interning within an industry I hope to see myself in one day all while gaining exposure to a new culture and lifestyle.

Since I’ve been home from school, I’ve gotten my fair share of questions about this trip to “Bollywood”: “What’re you going to be doing there?”, “Are you ready for what you’re about to see?”, “Do you know how hot it’s going to be!?” – the list goes on and on. My responses for all these questions have blurred together, but what I do know for sure is that I am ready to take on the challenges that India has in store for me. I want to come back from this adventure with so much to share, talk and reflect about that it’ll drive my family and friends nuts.

Hop on for the ride! I hope India can handle us!


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